Oh modelboy

A: Hoppy Easter!

C: Easter is over.

A: Well, it still feels like Easter.

C: ?

A: Forget Easter eggs. I’ve been searching for photos of modelboy.

C: ?

A: SO, the little brother is an interesting character. He’s only two decades old but he’s already had some unusual careers, including poker player and model.

C: Right. He modelled briefly for a local company as a teenager, and the poker thing is ongoing.

A: I think it’s also important to note that he has a vanity license plate, one that says PKRSKIL, like poker skills, not poker kills.

C: Oh, and he runs a lawn care/snow shovelling business, which you should check out if you ever need those services.

A: The seniors in the neighbourhood love him and his yard maintenance services. I wonder if he’s ever told any of them about his nickname, modelboy?

C: Unlikely. His career was pretty short lived, actually.

A: BUT, recently, when his university sent out a call for student models, he signed up.

C: Modelboy was back in business!

A: So, several months ago, he and several other students had their photos taken and were told the photos may be used for future advertisements, or they may not.

C: End of story.

A: UNTIL, last week, we find him and three fellow students on a large ad in the Calgary Herald:

C: End of story.

A: UNTIL, I’m flipping through the latest issue of Alberta Venture, looking for a story I wrote and instead I find a big glossy photo of modelboy and his new friends.

C: He’s certainly overshadowing you, heh?

A: YES! So now, it’s an ongoing treasure hunt. Where is his face going to show up next?! It’s anyone’s guess.

C: I’m rooting for a giant billboard.

A: I’ll keep my eyes peeled. I just hope he stops stealing my thunder by showing up in the publications I write for.

C: Oh you. Now if only his poker career were back on track like this…

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Twin Trickery

A: Today is a very important day.

C: Why’s that?

A: It’s twin trickery day!

C: Doesn’t twin trickery happen every day?

A: Oh yes, but especially today. April Fools’ Day and twins are such a good combo.

C: Indeed. Do you remember our best twin prank?

A: The time we were quadruplets?

C: Imagine if we were double doubles!

A: Yes, that’s what quadruplets are. Instead of twice the joy, you get four times the joy.

C: Oh man, I bet our mother would have loved that.

A: Quadruplets must be even better at trickery than twins. We must find some quads to twinterview.

C: Yes yes. We should explain to anyone who is confused that that picture where it looks like we’re quadruplets is just a trick.

A: Our grandpa used to have this camera lense that doubled the image, so we have all sorts of pictures of us as if we were quadruplet children.

C: But alas, it’s just a dream. A good one, though. Anyway, we do have another impressive twin trick we played on April Fools’ Day in Grade 2.

A: We switched places. It was a classic twin prank.

C: I spent the morning in A’s class and she spent the morning in my class and the only person who knew was our best friend (yes, we shared one best friend).

A: People were very fooled.

C: I think we looked more alike as twin children. If we tried switching today, it wouldn’t work.

A: You never know. You should all be extra vigilant today for twin trickery.

C: Quadruplet trickery too. Watch out.

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We’re back…

C: Well this is unfortunate

A: Is that really how you want to start this?

C:  Well, it’s unfortunate that we’ve been absent for most of March and now we have so much to discuss.

A: Oh, indeed. Like our trip to Hawaii!

C: Yes, the whole family spent a week in Maui. It was the first family vacation since high school!

A: The trip was great. We hiked a volcano, went ziplining, relaxed at the beach and ate a lot of shaved ice and other delicious treats.

C: And I got to wear my denim vest a lot, which is always a good thing. I would say there were only two bad parts to the trip.

A: Was one the time we both got the hiccups at the same time, but then our hiccups kept alternating so instead of going ‘hic’ at the same time, I would go ‘hic’ then on my off beat you would go ‘hic’ and then neither of us could breathe cause we were laughing so hard and couldn’t stop going ‘hic’?

C: Oh exactly. The other bad part was the big spat we got into about introverts and extroverts.

A: Oh yes. You were so insistent that you are more of an introvert, but I know that you’re more of an extrovert.

C: But that isn’t true. You were being ridiculous and made me do these dumb internet quizzes to determine what I was, when I know that I’m slightly more introverted.

A: Well, I wouldn’t have had to use the internet quizzes if you had just listened to me in the first place. I’ve known you your entire life and I know that if you had to pick between intro and extro, you’re slightly more extro. Not a lot, but enough.

C: The spat just kept going on and on like this. Then of course when A came home she continued to insist that other people in her life were what she deemed them to be, and similar spats happened.

A: Well, the good that came out of that is I discovered I’m an ambivert!

C: No no, you’re an extrovert.

A: No, at home I did one of those internet tests I made you do and it said I’m an ambivert, meaning I’m both introvert and extrovert in equal amounts.

C: Well that’s not true because you’re definitely more of an extrovert.  Anyways, let’s not start this disagreement all over again. The good part of the trip was that I beat you at your favourite game, cribbage! And not once, but twice!

A: I beat you at your favourite game, Scrabble.

C: Once. But it doesn’t really count because the little brother was playing too and he beat us both, as he always does.

A: I wish we could be more like him. In a funny turn of events I saw his face in a large advertisement in yesterday’s newspaper! His modeling career is back on track. If only his poker career were too.

C: I’m trying to be better at Scrabble like him. I did return home and take up internet Scrabble, where I recently scored 102 points with the word ‘Mahjong’

A: Oh wow. That’s impressive. Mahjong is my second fav game.

C: Anyway readers, it’s been a busy month. In addition to the trip and getting better at Scrabble, I also started a new part-time job. And I now live with a cat!

A: AND, more importantly, she finally joined the 21st century by getting a phone that has caller ID and get this, folks, the INTERNET! It still doesn’t have voicemail though, because that costs an extra $8 a month.

C: I knew my old fashion phone was bad when even my Granny was making fun of it.

A: I’ve also kept busy with some exciting things like writing stories, writing a senior’s life story (If you know any seniors who want their life story recorded, be in touch), planning my upcoming birthday party and tending to my houseplants, which seem to be either thriving or dying.

C: You mean planning our upcoming birthday?

A: No, no. You’re an introvert. Introverts don’t like birthday parties.

C: Ummm…

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The public’s reaction to twins

C: Remember when we got called the Bobbsey twins this weekend?

A: Oh yes. By a man serving us the most delicious tacos.

C: And last time your were in Edmonton the guy at the pub asked if we were twins and then when we said yes, he said “oh shit twins!”

A: I like when strangers ask us if we’re twins. There’s always funny conversations that follow.

C: I don’t. I can’t stand it.

A: Like the time we were in Canmore for the Folk Fest. We must have been looking especially identical and everywhere we went we had people asking if we were twins and these great convos ensued.

C: I thought that was horrible.

A: C!

C: Well, horrible is a bit of an exaggeration. I just think it’s annoying, that’s all.

A: Why?

C: I don’t like attention being drawn to myself. But you do. That is a big difference between us. And it works quite well, actually, like we balance each other out. Imagine if we both loved attention and were always fighting for it?

A: Hahaha. This dates back to when we were babies and we were learning to walk and you, C, were so stubborn about having no attention.

C:  True. A would only walk if everyone in the room was watching her and clapping for her and saying “good work baby A!” and those sorts of things.

A: Meanwhile C was the stubborn baby who wouldn’t walk if people were watching her or if they asked her to walk or anything. She waited until she was alone and no one was watching.

C: Plus that man who called us the Bobbsey twins is silly because they’re fraternal twins. Bert and Nan and Flossie and Freddie! I just looked this up.

A: Haha you had to look it up. You should really be more knowledgeable about your famous twins through history knowledge. Those are your people! Mine too.

C: I suppose. But regardless, if you’re going to call two people out for looking alike, at least call them the name of twins who do look alike.

A: The Sedin brothers!

C: Excuse me?

A: He should have called us the Sedin brothers. They’re identical twins.

C: They’re boys.

A: Let’s not discuss our differences. We’ve done that before.

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Twin Leaplings

A: C, as Leap Day approaches I got thinking about something just dreadful.

C: What is Leap Day?

A: Feb 29. Obviously.

C: Oh, okay. Why were you even thinking about Leap Day?

A: I wrote a story about it last time Leap Day happened (four years ago) and was thinking about how it’s happening again.

C: Okay. So, what’s dreadful?

A: While I started wondering if there are any twins born on Leap Day. AND THERE ARE.

C: Of course there are. Why is that so bad?

A: Think about it. Already twins pretty much get 1/2 a birthday and then your birthday only comes every four years so you’re really only getting 1/8 of a birthday.

C: Oh my.

A: So then, I turned to Google and also discovered THERE ARE TRIPLETS BORN ON LEAP DAY.

C: Why are you yelling?

A: That means you’re getting 1/3 of a birthday because you’re a triplet and it only comes every four years so you’re getting 1/12 of a birthday!!!

C: Good math. You failed Math20 so I was surprised with your quick calculations.

A: Anyways, imagine being a multiple and having a birthday on Feb 29. It would be just terrible. Here’s a story about twins who turn four this Wednesday. They’re called leaplings FYI.

C: Or they turn one, depending on how you look at it.

A: Exactly. I also found this story about triplets who turned three last Feb 29 and will be turning four this year.

C: Or 16.

A: Good math.

C: I don’t get what the big deal is. They can just celebrate their birthdays a day early or a day late.

A: But that’s not their birthday. If you think about this as much as I have, you will realize how unfortuante it is to already have to share a birthday and then to only have it come around every four years.

C: OK, well good thing I have an extra entire day this year to do things like think about how bad this would be, and to be thankful that I have 1/2 a birthday, not 1/8 of a birthday.

A: I will leave you with a happy article about twins and birthdays.

C: ?

A: It’s about the world’s oldest twins!!!  

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Special guest post by non twins but bffs Aaron and Trevor

T: Well, well, well, it appears as if we’ve been given complete creative control over the Double’s Take blog this week.

A: Let’s trash the place.

T: Yes! But first, we should introduce ourselves to the online world.

A: That’s reasonable. I’m Aaron. I’m A and C’s good friend.

T: I’m Trevor, and A is my girlfriend and C is my grand-step-niece. Aaron is my roommate and best friend.

A: So, I’m not sure how I got roped into this, but what should we discuss?

T: In keeping with the twin theme, I believe we should talk about twins. Specifically how we are, in fact, better twins than A and C.

A: But T, we’re just best friends, roommates, and heterosexual life partners. A and C are actual twins. How are we better twins than them?

T: Excellent question, A. There are a number of reasons, many of which you may not be aware of, but they are there. For instance, we are always finishing each others—

A: Sandwiches.

T: Exactly! Now, let me ask you, how do you think we are twin-like?

A: Well now that you mention it, it was apparent the moment we met. We were both adolescent males who enjoyed skateboarding and punk rock music.

T: Can’t argue with that. I think we both still enjoy those things. Further to that, we also have an identical sense of humour that could only belong to two people who share the same mind and DNA.

A: Totally. Our jokes often mirror one antlers.

T: Now we’re moosening up!

A: So how do you think we are twin-like, T?

T: On the fashion front, we do dress dapper — and identically. For instance, we own a number of identical band T-shirts.

A: And we often wear them on the same day without planning it, which is straight twinnish. Clearly, this also illustrates our identical tastes in music.

T: We also can read each other’s mind. For instance, A, what number am I thinking of?

A: 900,000.

T: Yup! Twintuition at its finest. If this isn’t enough, we even went to the same schools together. We did the “2 + 2” program through SAIT and the U of C. Two is the number of twins. Two plus two? Come on, it’s like the program was made for us.

A: We also had the same first three jobs because we couldn’t bear being apart. We also love all kinds of bears.

T: My favourite is a polar bear cub riding a sun bear.

A: I like it when panda bears play chess in their den, which is actually another perfect example of T and I’s twinliness. We are roommates and I believe this is a more significant twin-like quality than simply being womb-mates. We chose to remain together throughout maturation.

T: Great point, A. I think abandoning one another is pretty twinister behaviour. Real twins love spending every waking moment together, like us. I wonder what A did to drive C away? Or was it C who was tired of her older twin? We’ll likely never know.

A: Probably not, since there’s so much distance between them. What else do you think makes us more twin-like?

T: Well, really, we live together, we have the same musical tastes, we dress the same, share an identical sense of humour and worked and went to school together. What more do you need?

A: Great question, T. And here’s the answer. It’s a quick schematic I drew up that accurately represents our striking physical similarities:

 T: For those looking at the photo searching for a discrepancy, you’ll notice I’m slightly taller than A. I’m on the left. When you’re a twin, it’s tough stuff telling one another apart. Even I had to do a double take on that one.

A: Ha Ha Ha. Good joke twin best friend roommate brother friend. Let’s play a —

T: Game.

A: Okay, I’ll name something I like, and then if you also like that thing, then you name something you like. If I then like that thing, we repeat the process until one of us names something the other doesn’t like. Make —

T: Sense?

A: Yup, I’ll start. Helvetica.

T: Helvetica Neue!

A:  The colour green

T: All the same bands

A: Air

T: Living together

A: Talking about all our twimilarities.

T: Explaining to people about our twimilarities, because we’re identical

A: Carpooling together

T: Playing on the same post-work reacreational sprots parctice team group

A: Trying to interpret what our downstairs neighbour is yelling at people on the phone

T: Going to dog parks, even without dogs.

A: Crushing you at Mortal Kombat. Toasty.

T: Crushing you at Mortal Kombat. Frosty.

A: Finishing each other’s sentences

T: Finishing each other’s sandwiches

A: It’s pronounced sandwich.

T: Yes it is, A. Yes it is.

A: In conclusion, it’s clear that when it gets down to the brass tacks of it, you and I are incalculably more twintertwined and twinteresting than A and C. Wouldn’t you—

T: Agree? Yes.

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Twins Day Festival, Twinsburg, Ohio

C: What are you doing this summer?

A: Uh, well, I haven’t really given it that much thought. I want to buy a camper van, remember, but I also need to gain some mechanic skills before I do that. Why do you ask?

C: This could be the year we finally go to the Twins Days Festival inTwinsburg, Ohio. The bad news is that it’s the same weekend as the Canmore Folk Festival, and you know how much I love that.

A: Yes. You do love the mountains and the music AND it gives you an occasion to wear your denim vest. Maybe you should tell our readers more about the Twins Days Festival.

C: My denim vest is great for all occasions, it’s my après ski vest that is a little less versatile. The festival is the largest annual gathering of twins and other multiples in the world.

A: Yes, so it’s basically this giant gathering of twins of all ages. I think they like you to dress matching. Non-twins are welcome, but they have to pay an admission fee. Plus, they’d probably feel really out of place.

C: The 2011 festival had a circus theme and over 1,700 sets of twins attended. I’m not sure yet what the 2012 theme will be.

A: Hopefully it has something to do with bacon.

C: Doubtful. Anyway, we should think about gathering all of our twin friends and road tripping down.

A: In our camper van!

C: That we don’t yet own. If anyone has any leads on camper vans, let A know. Also, do you think maybe the festival welcomes twin animals too, like these guys?

A: I’m not sure. I just looked at the schedule for the 2012 event and I am most curious about the 7pm Friday night activity, called “Crowning of the Royal Court.”

C: There is a parade! We should enter it with our camper van, if we ever find one. ALSO there are twin contests. We must start practicing immediately.

A: A talent show, a group photo, fireworks, a pancake breakfast… C, we must go to the Twins Days Festival!

C: It would be best if we knew baby twins and could bring them along. Or even better, baby triplets. OR I know, we should show up with Canada’s oldest twins!

A: I think all of those may be hard to find/steal…

C: So will a camper van. And you need to find a denim vest so that we have sweet matching outfits for the parade.

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